Are You Ready To Leave Behind Outdated Treatment Methods?
Are You Ready To Leave Behind Outdated Treatment Methods?
Get Your FREE Copy Of Don't Kill My Lyme - Just Get Me Better Now...
Get Your FREE Copy Of Don't Kill My Lyme - Just Get Me Better Now...
Healing Doesn't Have To Be So Difficult...
Healing Doesn't Have To Be So Difficult...
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"The first four weeks of treatment were life changing for me, after being so sick for so many years and to start feeling so much better within days was amazing."  
-John M. ( Lyme Disease Diagnosis)
Hurry, This Free Offer Won't Last Long!
Hurry, This Free Offer Won't Last Long!
What If Everything You've Been Told Is Wrong?...
What If Everything You've Been Told Is Wrong?...
Healing doesn’t have to be so difficult. 

Yet, modern medicine has complicated the healing process through the indiscriminate use of prescription medications.

In Don’t Kill My Lyme - Just Get Me Better, Wyatt Palumbo, BSChE and Founder of Lifestyle Healing Institute, disputes the overwhelming opinion that you must “kill” your Lyme in order to heal. 
He shows why it’s actually wrong and dangerous. 
You don't have to kill Lyme to feel better...
You don't have to kill Lyme to get your life back...
He utilizes an All-Natural method and protocol that is safe without using any prescription medications. 
That means no more antibiotics and 
no more "Herxing."
If you’re looking for a more efficient and integrative method of healing, then grab your copy and dive into in “Don’t Kill My Lyme – Just Get Me Better”.
Are you ready to leave behind outdated treatment methods?
Grab your FREE copy of Don't Kill My Lyme - Just Get Me Better Today...
Real Stories. Real People.
Real Stories. Real People.
"I'm seeing progress every day now..."
Ben and Brett's Remarkable Story
After a concussion, Brett noticed the brain fog and pain wasn’t going away like it always had in the past. He then started experiencing increasing level of muscle pain, weakness and tingling in his legs. 

Ultimately, he was forced to start using a wheelchair because of the immobility and pain. 

Around the same time as his brother Brett, Ben suffered a concussion from a car accident and noticed he was having a lot of the same symptoms as his brother.

After being told it was “all in their head” and related to psychological issues, Brett and Ben decided to follow the Lifestyle Healing Institute protocol.

Within the first few weeks, they started to experience noticeable improvements and after only 8 weeks the changes were remarkable

Watch the video below to hear their amazing story...
Before Lyme Treatment
After Lyme Treatment
"I finally have my life back."
Haley's Amazing Success Story
Before Lifestyle Healing Institute, Haley had traveled the country 8 years searching for an answer.

Haley was walking with a cane and basically spent the entire day in bed, or even worse, in and out of emergency rooms. 

Like so many Lyme patients, Haley was told it was necessary to “kill the Lyme” and she was prescribed with heavy narcotics, anti-anxiety medications and other prescription drugs.

After 8 years with no answers and worsening symptoms, Haley and her mom were intrigued by the Lifestyle Healing Institute “No Kill” Protocol.

Once Haley completed the Protocol, the improvements were remarkable.

In Haley’s words: “I finally have my life back.”

Watch the video below to hear her amazing story...
"After 40 different doctors I still could not find an answer."
Steve's Incredible Story
Steve was very skeptical coming before starting the LHI Protocol. 

He had been to 40 different doctors and was still not able to find answer .

Steve was suffering from severe insomnia and severe pain in his hips, neck, back, hands and shoulders. 

He had constant brain fog and relentless head pain. And his shoulder and hip pain was so severe he couldn't even do a single push up or do any exercise.

After just 3 weeks of the LHI Protocol, Steve saw major improvement...

He was able to do 15 laps a day in the pool, walk a mile every single day and even do 15 push-ups at a time.

Watch the video below to hear his amazing story... 
"I went jet skiing!"
Debra's Journey and Success
Before discovering the Lifestyle Healing Institute Protocol, Debra could hardly move.

She was suffering from severe pain and insomnia and could hardly move. As a result, she had been prescribed a list of medications for pain, nerve pain and insomnia.

One of the most painful issues for Debra was not having the energy or relief to attend her husband's sermons.

After just 5 weeks, she had incredible results...

She was able to get off the prescription medications and was even able to go jet skiing!

Best of all, she was able to regularly attend her husband's sermons for the first time in years.

Watch the video below to hear her incredible story... 
"I felt like my body was attacking itself."
Christina's Truly Remarkable Story
3 years before Christina found Wyatt Palumbo's book "Don't Kill My Lyme - Just Get Me Better", she was bit by a flea and that was the beginning of her most severe symptoms.

She started suffering severe pain, extreme fatigue and everything hurt...

It hurt to stand, it hurt to walk, it hurt to lay down. 

Christina was literally crawling around her house and says she "felt like she was dying."

She resonated with the message and research in "Don't Kill My Lyme" and realized it made so much sense to strengthen the body's immune system so it could heal from the inside out.

Her family thought it was an "upside down approach" and told her "you need antibiotics or you'll die."

After reading "Don't Kill My Lyme" she decided to visit Lifestyle Healing Institute and the results were truly remarkable.  

By the second week, she had her life back. The pain had decreased so much, some days she forgot about it completely.

Watch the video below to hear her incredible story... 
"I tried everything to make it better."
Hollie's Amazing Story and Success
One year after a death in the family, Hollie started to experience nausea and migraines.

Shortly after that, she started to become forgetful. She was really having difficulty articulating her thoughts and retaining information.

Like so many Lyme patients, she was a list of prescriptions medication including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and more.

She was desperate for an answer and tried everything she could to find an answer...

Chiropractic care, acupuncture and even braces to correct her jaw alignment.

After finishing the LHI Protocol, she had incredible results and she was able to live life again. 

No more meds. No more pain.

Watch the video below to hear her amazing story... 
**The opinions expressed in patient testimonials are by patients only; they are not qualified, medical professionals. These opinions should not be relied upon as, or in place of, the medical advice of a licensed doctor or other health care provider.
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